Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Greenies vs. scientists


I usually don't agree with some aggressive Greenpeace tactics.

Also Science contradicts many irrational Greenpeace proposals like:

- CFL lamps: if we consider the whole lifecycle from material extraction to disposal or recycling and not just home usage, they result in increased energy and materials consumption, gas emissions and pollution. 

- Renewable energy: it's uneconomic and eco-unfriendly (again, never measured full lifecycle impact).

- Protection of private forestland (which means forced collectivization) while not letting species replacement with the emissions advantages of youg woods.
- Amazon: missed the point that old jungle emissions are not good for their models 

and many etc. which end up harming the environment instead of helping it. That's why Greenpeace should be called greenwar.

Reality also contradicts Greenpeace anti-human vs pro-animal-vegetable approach to population growth:

But this time I’m glad to say CHAPEAU to Greenpeace !

Europe has finally recognized what genetic science always stated: the embryo is a living human living, with human rights:

Now, when will Greenpeace start acting against abortifacient contraceptives?

Did you know that ALL contraceptives (except barriers) are abortifacient?

By the way, did you know hormonal contraceptives end in water contamination and hormonally affect animals and fish?
It's better to use natural family planning which respects nature, the human nature and above all, does not kill the unborn children.

By the way, don't forget about the Global Warming Swindle

Remember the CFC psychosis on the ozone layer? This is getting worse. And it will cost us billions of dollars, jobs, health plans, education, etc.

Before it was the commies. Now, the greenies are comin!


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